What are the saying about Lehman’s Terms of Business

“I had the opportunity coach Doug regarding his company “Lehman’s Terms of Business.” I found Doug to be not only be knowledgeable and focused, but also likable! So much so, that I then partnered with him to become the Brand Ambassador for my company and workshop series! Doug has that rare combination of being able to really listen to your business objectives and then translate everything in a way that you can grasp and implement. He coins this process as putting things in “Lehman’s Terms,” and I whole-heartedly agree. Doug is a visionary when learning new technologies and has embraced social media and personal branding. And this is evident in how he has successfully branded himself and his company. His own example assured that he could do the same for my company. Doug is driven and would be an asset to any company looking for a business development specialist or a brand ambassador to market, sell and train on their products or services. It is truly a pleasure to have Doug on the team!” July 28, 2010

Sherry Elle Richardson, Writer, Director, Producer, Sage Blue Films, Inc.
was a consultant or contractor to Doug at http://www.douglehman.com

“As a Technology Specialist, Doug demonstrated a high level of product knowledge, professionalism and confidence. By utilizing web meeting tools such as WebEx, Doug delivered creative, results- driven presentations to clients by simplifying the product details and highlighting the benefits. End-users could easily relate to Doug’s interactive and engaging presentation style and felt comfortable doing business with him. As a product trainer, Doug’s presentations are polished and informative. He has been a consistent top performer due to creative marketing, perseverance and building trusting client relationships. Doug has a strong positive energy coupled with a fun sense of humor and has always been a pleasure to work with. He made IT training fun which is not always an easy task. Janet Thompson Information Technology Professional”

Janet Thompson, Account Manager, Cisco
managed Doug indirectly at Marketstar/Cisco Systems, Inc

“I had the pleasure to work with Doug at Cisco. He is a skilled sales rep who knows the inside and outs of account and territory management. Doug is an excellent communicator, numerous times I have over heard him on presentation calls going through in the interworks of proposals and build of materials. His style adapts to both business decision makers and technicals decision makers. He would be an asset to any sales force.” August 7, 2009

Darryl Arthur, Account Manager, Cisco Systems
worked directly with Doug at Marketstar/Cisco Systems, Inc

“I have to say that Doug is such a unique individual that he would be a great asset to any organization. In short, he is a one man marketing machine. When I worked with Doug he was handling all contract renewals for the SE region. What separated him from the bunch was the fact that while he was working as an inside Rep. at the time, it was clear to me that he was a very valuable asset to take to clients face to face. He is a very thoughtful team player who will work with anyone and contribute ideas to provide solutions in the interest of clients. Not to mention that he is also just a very personable, entertaining guy to be around, which is always an asset in the world we live in these days. I would, without reservation give a huge thumbs up for this guy and am certain we will be working or crossing paths in the future. Feel free to contact me for additional information.”

Michael Lawson, Senior Technical Sales Engineer, Sun Microsystems
worked directly with Doug at Sun Microsystems/StorageTek

“Doug was my colleague and my dear friend. In the 5 years at SUN and beyond, that I have worked with Doug and known him, he is focused, dedicated, committed and passionate about his work. He is a team player, a people person, and detailed oriented. He is knowledgeable and experienced in the sales field. Doug’s star qualities are paying attention to details, customer focused, and closing the deal. He will go above and beyond to ensure that a customer has all the information needed to make an intelligent decision. He is honest and straight forward. We have worked together during quarter close to get those big deals and small deals in. We have, bounced ieads off to each other, shared information, worked and developed reports. We knew we could count on each other for assistance.  It was an honor to work with Doug learning and growing at SUN and it is more so a privilege to have him as a friend.

Nina Glenn (nina_glenn @ yahoo.com), Service Sales Representative, Sun Microsystems
worked directly with Doug at Sun Microsystems/StorageTek

“I have direct work experience with Doug dating back to approx 2003. I consider him to be a sales leader and focused on revenue growth objectives in today’s fast changing environment. Doug brings a very high degree of professionalism, highly effective communication skills, as well as fun to his territory and colleagues. His work is always high quality and he never waits for tomorrow to complete a task. Doug often assists others in his team to help generate reliable quality. With his support we exceeded growth objectives consistently. I highly recommend Doug.”

Jim Mechtly, Customer Service Manager, StorageTek
worked with Doug at Sun Microsystems/StorageTek

“I had the pleasure of working with Doug at IBM while in the Large Enterprise Role. Doug was a dedicated professional in web based sales and led the teams in web based revenue generation and product marketing. Doug continues to be a good friend years after our work together! I would recommend Doug to anyone that is looking for a professional in marketing of Technical products as well as other personal marketing ventures!”

John Shinas, Large Enterprise Senior Product Specialist, IBM
worked with Doug at IBM

“Doug did a tremendous job for me while a sales rep at IBM. His sales and marketing abilities contributed significantly to the success of the team and to IBM. At a time when IBM was transitioning from hard copy order to web orders, Doug was the front-line sales rep that took on the challenge head-on. His efforts for his assigned territory were exemplary and resulted in his territory driving the most revenue of any territory through web-ordering. His skills are very transferable and accomplishes anything he puts his mind to.”

Brian Smith, Sales Manager, IBM
managed Doug at IBM

“Doug is a well-polished, pitch-savvy professional who’s ethics and integrity keep him at the top of this competitive marketplace. His fresh and open approach to business practices will make him an asset to any practice he would lend himself to. I highly respect his results-driven attitude and his leadership skills. He has been a pleasure to have worked with and to have known for over a decade.”

Erik Dowdy, Team Customer Support Executive, SkyTel
was with another company when working with Doug at SKYTEL CORPORATION

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