Hire Doug

Today companies are faced with challenges: like creating new business opportunities or better managing existing accounts.

In this economy we have to work harder and smarter.

We have to think in terms of saving more money and reducing costs.

That’s where I can help! 

Essentially with me you get three people for the price of one.

  • Brand Ambassador
  • Sale Promoter
  • Product Service Trainer

Here are some of the services offerings that I can provide

Business Development

  • Sales and Service Training
  • Product and POS Training
  • Sales Analyst

Virtual Account Management

  • Web-based Training (Sales and Product)
  • Webinar Demonstrations
  • Web Marketing

Brand Ambassador

  • Tradeshow/Event Spokesperson
  • Personal Branding Online Coaching
  • Product Demonstrator

Business partnerships, full-time and special contract projects are welcomed.  Located in Atlanta, Georgia but will travel  based on the assignment.

Schedule Your FREE 30 Minute Consultation

Give us a call today to discuss how we can assist you in achieving your sales, marketing and training needs.  Currently offering a free complimentary 30-Minute Telephone Consultation to discuss your programs needs in detail including budget and job scope

To schedule your consultation please contact us at


(404) 654-0304

I’d like to be your brand ambassador for your sales, marketing and training needs.  Together we’ll make a great team!

Lehman’s Terms of business

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