About Lehman’s Terms


It’s specializing in results for your sales, marketing and training needs

  • As a salesman closing the deal
  • As a marketer branding your company
  • As a trainer being a trusted advisor

Hello! I’m Doug Lehman and here is where I can help with over 15 years of diversified background in sales, marketing and product training promotion. I’ve been fortunate to partner and work with many great companies and organizations effectively closing sales and presenting to enterprise accounts, small to medium sized businesses and the consumer market. 

Companies like IBM, Sun Microsystems, The Coca-Cola Company, SkyTel, Home Depot, Cisco and Youngstown State University are some of the companies and organizations that I generated business results for.

As a brand ambassador with a passion for social media marketing and personal branding,   I can position your products and services in a number of ways including

  • Face-to-Face Presentations
  • Online Presentations using webinars
  • Over the phone

 My other passions include reading up on the latest technology trends in sports and entertainment marketing. I also leverage personal branding by delivering community awareness through social networks and online video marketing campaigns.

As a brand ambassador, let me take your products and services and break them down into a language that your customers and clients can embrace.

Simply put, I put it in “LEHMAN’S TERMS”

Let’s work together to increase your customers by creating customer value and brand loyalty!

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