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Current Projects My Dynamic 3

The last couple of months have been a challenging time for me launching my own business concept.    The good news is I’ve been fortunate to help and support three dynamic business women.  During my time of transition they took a shot at Lehman’s Terms and provided opportunities that I am truly grateful for. 

To put it in Lehman’s Terms, 

My dynamic three,  

Barb, Madison and Sherry.

Barb Giamanco is the CEO of Talent Builders, Inc.  Barb is an experienced sales and social media strategist, consultant, speaker and now an author of new book titled “The New Handshake: Sales Meets Social Media” I have learned a great deal from Barb and she can definately work a room as a speaker.  The new book will be a must read.

Checkout Barb at http://www.talentbuildersinc.com/

Sign up for her FREE e-book  http://www.thenewhandshake.com/

Madison Carlista is the creator of S2O Productions an interactive online televised variety programing network. As Madison states “Will see you on the other side of greateness” S2O is on the move.  Just wanted to thank her for the opporunity to be a talk host on the new upcoming network.

Sherry Elle Richardson is an Atlanta-based Actor, director and producer.  Sherry is the current chairperson for Women in Film and Televison International.  Sherry is conducting a workshop in Atlanta Saturday September 11 called “Jump Start Your Acting Career ”  I actually took the workshop last year and I was very impressed with the content, now I am honored to promote it.

 More on Sherry and the workshop http://www.jumpstartacting.info/

 Ladies thanks again for taking on shot on Lehman’s Terms.  You three are all doing big things. Thanks for showing me the love and opportunity.

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