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Doug Lehman has over 15 years of diversified background in sales, marketing and product training promotion. He has been fortunate to partner and work with many great companies and organizations effectively closing sales and presenting to enterprise accounts, small to medium sized businesses and the consumer market.

Thank you and have a great New Year 2011.  Please checkout my new website and blog for Lehman’s Terms of Business at

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Social Selling – The New Handshake Sales Meets Social Media – Book Review

Video Book Review. ” The New Handshake Sales Meets Social Media”

To Put it in Lehman’s Terms A must read on leveraging and strategizing social media with sales. More information can be found out about this book at the following website

The New Handshake Sales meets Social Media by Barbara Giamanco and Joan C. Curtis is a true eye opener and must read for anyone wanting to leverage and strategize social media tools and technology for improving sales performance and customer engagement. You can tell that Barbara and Joan did extensive research on the topics of social selling and social media.

There are a ton of books out there that discuss and list resources on the topic of social media but what makes this book truly unique is EXECUTION, providing STRATEGIC guidelines for customer engagement. A solid educational resource and strategy book for business people and social media enthusiasts at all levels. A thought provoking book that will challenge the reader to meet sales and social media head on.

A must read on leveraging and strategizing social media with sales

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Happy Thanksgiving – Dynamic Duo

Have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday. Enjoy your families and friends. I am very thankful for your friendships, support and business throughout the year. Happy Thanksgiving. I look forward to a great holiday season.

I want to recognize two Atlanta Business Women who have made an impact on me and my new business model over the last month,

Nan Ross and Melissa Dawn Johnson

This dynamic duo delivers their message with clarity and class. Both have a great social media following as consultants they can bring it. I look forward to working with them both again soon and listening to their blog talk radio shows

More information on this dynamic duo.

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Atlanta’s Co-Working Community “Strongbox West”

Back in January, I starting working at a co-working office on Atlanta’s Northwest Side called Strongbox West. I found this to be an awesome spot to brainstorm and meet several dynamic people functioning in the entrepreneurial and startup business world.

What makes Strongbox West special and unique is the leadership and direction provided by the founders of Strongbox West, Rick Myers and Amy Hoover. It is apparent when you walk in the door and spend some time at Strongbox West. Strongbox West is a community more than a standard co-working office building with WiFi internet access, desks, conference rooms and individual offices. Strongbox provides members with several takeaways like free coffee, hosting events and membership appreciation functions.

I have spent many hours working at Strongbox West working on my own business model Lehman’s Terms of Business. Strongbox West provided me with a great environment and mindset to do this. They even allowed me to host my own startup talk show which now has been picked up by another network S2O Productions.

To put it in Lehman’s Lehman Terms …..If you are an entrepreneur, start-up business, freelancer, at home or small business, Strongbox West is worth looking at. The place to co-work in Atlanta located near Howell Mill Rd and Chattahoochee Avenue. It’s a 24 hour community with a great working environment.

Thanks Strongbox West

More on Strongbox West


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Atlanta a view from the top let’s connect worldwide

One of the things that I am passionate about is connecting and using video campaigns. My simple call to action is that I am based in Atlanta, Georgia but would love to connect worldwide. With a simple flip camera I did my rooftop video looking over Atlanta.

To put it in Lehman’s Terms, My message is simple let’s connect.
I am open for business and would love to engage your thoughts and business concepts while I am developing my vlog. Let’s conceptualize, visualize and recognize…

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Happy Labor Day – Thanks Silverstone Media

Happy Labor Day Weekend Everyone. I wanted to thank David Weeks from Silverstone Media Group for his production work on Lehman’s Terms of Business Talk Show Introduction Video. David did a great job and I look forward to working with his group again.

More on Silverstone Media Group

To put it in Lehman’s Terms, Enjoy your Labor Day Weekend with friends and family. Have fun and be safe. Try to use the time to reflect and rest. Many consider Labor Day as a close to summer but in Atlanta the temperature is high and it’s time for a big push to year end.

Have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!

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Fresh Start Your Career “Passion in Action ” Replay

My experience on Passion in Action with Paul Wilson Jr. was very enlightening.  I had the opportunity to meet Gail Margolies Reid author of “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Low-Cost Startups”.  Both Paul and Gail brought great tips for entrepreneurs seeking a new start.

To put it in Lehman’s Terms, I can relate to this guidance and direction.  Paul continues to inspire many people with his coaching and training session.  Gail’s book can shed some light on some great tips to market.

Fresh Start Your Career” Passion in Action ”  Internet On Demand Replay Link

I look forward to having both Paul and Gail on Lehman’s Terms of Business Talk Show coming soon.

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